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Pulling Strings Artwork Preview

Happy to announce we have the Artwork ready for our new single - Pulling Strings.

Fact: The track is our first production as a group without using any samples. It has been a bit of a learning curve but we are really happy with the result. Not long until it's release now.

View the cover here:

A New Level Of Liveness

If you are from Perth and into the local hip hop scene you may have heard of a night called Juice. But there is a good chance you still probably haven't. It's a shame because it is one of the most exciting things to happen to our often monotonous scene.

The night is lead by a passionate multi-instrumentalist and hip hop enthusiast - Brendan Scott Grey. The two bands (Premiss and The Ruby Horns) work in unison to form a supergroup of talented musicians who transform Emcee's dreams into reality.

With talented artists such as Creed Birch, Sarah Pellicano, Beckon, Cole Baxter and Silvertongue previously taking part in the experimental night, we were stoked to have our chance at being a part of it all. Paired with our singer Sarah Pellicano's amazing and incredible 'Sia' cover set had excitement levels through the roof.

After only 2 rehearsals (the musicians are incredibly talented) we had the set sounding tight. The second rehearsal we integrated our DJ - Arms In Motion who layered the live instruments with some of his epic cuts. This was a first for the band, and I think it had them super amped for the set.

The night came and went so fast. But I remember having the same feelings that I used to get with live shows, and music in general. The band had legitimised our beats in a way that gave them a new life. When we work on a song we tend to listen to the same beat for hours on end, tweaking and changing minute parts. It tends to separate you from those initial feelings of inspiration that take over when you create the song for the first time. 

Brendan's dedication to this project is inspirational in itself. He had mentioned that it took 40 hours to write both ours and Sarah's sets out in sheet music for the rest of the band. Not to mention self promotion, rehersals, general organisation and playing both the Sax and Flute during our set. The part that really gets me, is that he does this EVERY MONTH. With a new emcee and singer each time!

I can only hope the rest of the scene gets behind what is happening every month at The Good Shepard. It would be a shame to loose such a unique night and opportunity. It really deserves our full attention and support. 

Next month one of my fav emcees in Perth, Hyclass will be the next in line to have this opportunity alongside the amazing Natalie Mae (who is also an ex-Stoop vocalist). This is already looking like a killer show and I will be there with bells on for sho! 

  - Roc Walla