The Stoops


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The Stoops are a 3-piece outfit from Perth, WA, who have been making golden era inspired hip hop for going on 10 years. But after a monumental transition in the group’s dynamic (beginning with the departure of emcee Coin Banks and vocalist Natalie Mei, the inclusion of Sarah Pellicano, and a complete shift in production techniques), The Stoops have not only embraced change... they have mastered it.

“Old school party jams evoking the golden era of hip hop, matched by charismatic and fresh rhymes.”

- Ozi Batla - The Herd.

The three core members; DJ - Arms In Motion and emcees -Roc Walla and Pronto, have spent the majority of the last few years tweaking and evolving their soul- fuelled, ego-free signature sound in preparation for what could now be almost regarded as a Debut release (although it is their third). The EP, titled “Milk & Bread”, is an entirely self produced EP which earmarks yet another new direction for the Perth hip hop outfit.

The first single from Milk & Bread, titled “Middle of a Riot” is a tongue in cheek song that paints/reflects our modern day ‘keyboard warriors’. In fact it hammers them. Being self centred and ignorant are two symptoms of the privileged first-world lifestyle. The song takes our first world problems, and jams along to them in such positive fashion that it’s like the Western World throwing a summer festival for its own funeral, under the magnifying glass of global warming.

As the lyrics become more intriguing, spilling a thick toxic array of social commentary down the pipeline of a prevalent Stoop ideology and feel-good vibe, the song blatantly belies its real premise. However, this is anything but preachy, as the emcees go on to name-checking themselves as being part of the problem. It’s this kind of self deprecation that makes the track so appealing. 

Recently shortlisted in the Vanda & Young Songwriting Competition, Middle of a Riot emerged from a pool of 3,400 entries from 17 countries, to ascend into the top 50.

Fuelled by the release of their debut video clip, which boasted a crew of 50+ people and saw a warehouse being converted into their own lounge room, Middle of a Riot confidently steps into the world of visual arts. Ice cream vans, exploding letterboxes, and a subtle cameo of a certain prime minister are just a few of the left field ideas that ensure this clip is not just another hip hop video. 

Middle of a Riot signifies a new-found maturity in The Stoops’ sound, exposing both a unified ideology and personality to the group. As MOAR sets the tone, The Milk & Bread EP is sure to be a rich and substantial meal for any hungry hip hop connoisseur.